No one should have no one to talk to. Help us be there. 

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  • free information guides and factsheets for an older person and their loved ones

225,000 older people often go a whole week without speaking to anyone at all. By donating to Age UK today, you can help make sure we can be there when an older person needs us most. 

The world has changed drastically since coronavirus hit - with our older generation particularly affected. Although lockdown restrictions are lifting for some, many older people remain just as alone and anxious as ever. As the weather starts to get colder and the evenings darker, there will be fewer opportunities to see friends and family safely - and many have no one to rely on through the winter months. 

Older people have already struggled with months of isolation. As winter approaches, please help us be here for those who have no one.

With your help, Age UK could provide friendship services, local community support, and expert information and advice to help older people cope with the ongoing effects of the pandemic. 

  • Our befrienders bring light into the lives of those facing loneliness, and a listening ear when someone needs to talk. 
  • Our network of 130 local Age UKs provide practical support to those living in isolation and at risk of malnutrition. 
  • Through our expert advice line, we provide answers and reassurance when they’re needed the most.
  • We campaign to make sure older people aren’t forgotten in decisions about how our society moves forward.


Your support is vital to help us reach older people who are desperately lonely. As life moves forward, together we can help make sure older people who need us are not forgotten. Your donation will go wherever the need is greatest..

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